Branding, Mobile App Design, Website Design, Website Development

I was approached by the founders of TapThat, a new iOS and Android loyalty app, to create a brand and visual identity. I was also asked to design interfaces for their apps and website, and develop the website's front-end.

The app works as a digital wallet which allows a user to store all their loyalty cards for different stores inside the app. The user can then claim stamps on their loyalty cards when they make a purchase in-store by tapping their phone against the bluetooth beacon at the point of sale.

Simplicity and clarity were key to the app's design, as users would typically want to open the app and claim their stamps as fast as possible. In order to ensure its ease of use, I worked closely with the app developers until its delivery, providing on-going guidance and UX consultancy.

A website was created to promote the app to merchants and allow them to sign up. It also included an administration dashboard to let store owners create and manage loyalty campaigns and monitor customer activity.

Tap That Loyalty App - Design and Website