Web App Development

The Nestle Perfect Store™ web app is an interactive multimedia presentation which is used by Nestle sales representatives. It allows them to show merchants how they can improve confectionery sales in duty-free outlets at airports and major transport hubs.

The app needed to be versatile enough to function on a range of devices and platforms, from large, high definition flat screens down to tablets. Its content included text, informational diagrams, photo, and video, which all needed to be accessible without an active internet connection.

I was consulted to find the best format for the application which would be flexible enough to meet the specific requirements. I recommended that a web app would be the most viable option, considering the range of devices that the application would be deployed on.

I developed the web app using a mixture of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. An innovative solution was also developed to allow all of the content to be saved locally on tablet devices, so that the app would function fully when offline, including the large videos.

Nestle ‘Perfect Store’ Web App

Nestle ‘Perfect Store’ Web App